Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

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Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

My name is Fran. When I was involved in a road traffic accident, my world was all shook up. Not only did I have to spend some time in the hospital, meaning that I couldn't go to work, I also had to deal with the insurance company. All of this would have been overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact I had some legal help. I had never had to instruct a lawyer to act on my behalf, but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. My lawyer was able to file a claim for compensation which covered the cost of my medical care and the earnings I had lost due to my injury. Now I am back to full health, so I decided to start this blog to help people who need a lawyer.


How to Shield the Kids From Harm During Your Separation

In religious and societal terms, marriage may be considered to be for life. However, things do not always work out this way in a large number of these situations, and the union can devolve into acrimony, dispute and uncertainty. If the two individuals in question were yet to raise a family, then there's always a way out and an ability for these two to go their separate ways. But if there are kids in the equation, the situation is very different, and it's important for the adults to turn this into as seamless a transition as possible. Read More 

How to leave a child out of your will

When planning your estate for inheritance, you may be considering leaving out a child with whom you haven't had a good relationship. The dynamics of family relationships can be complex, and it's not unusual for a parent to feel as if a particular child should not be entitled to their estate. You may also consider leaving out a child who you believe may squander your inheritance on alcohol and other irresponsible purchases. Read More 

Why a Planning Certificate Is Only Part of the Equation When You’re Buying Some Land

When you're thinking about buying some land, you will undoubtedly have a reason for doing so and will usually want to develop the plot in some way. Of course, not every piece of land is suitable for your purpose from a topographic or practical point of view, nor from a legal perspective. While you can narrow your choices down and eliminate unsuitable candidates by working with your engineers and designers, you will still need to get the right information to tell you what you can and cannot do from a planning perspective. Read More 

How to Break Free from the Threat of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is the scourge of modern day society. Yet victims are reluctant to come forward for many different reasons, including their overall reliance on the perpetrator and their wish to stay out of the spotlight. If you're in this position, you do need to understand that the situation is likely to continue until you take some action, no matter how difficult this may be. How should you gather your thoughts together before you talk to the authorities? Read More 

Can You Avoid Your Will Being Contested?

You wouldn't want the finality of your final will and testament to be contested. And yet, it can happen. It might be that certain beneficiaries are dissatisfied with the portion of your estate that they receive, whether through a share of your assets or the predetermined monetary value you have bequeathed to them. It might also be that certain persons in your life wish to dispute the fact that they have not been listed as a beneficiary at all. Read More